We started out pretty simple. Workout shorts and t-shirts. After my first workout, I realized I needed a couple more things. I’m a glasses wearer and I needed a way to keep them on my face. These keep the glasses on my face and are not too snug. They are kind of hard to get… Read More

Potatoes are now Whole30 allowed! Check out the Whole30 site for more information. What makes paleo hard? For me, the things I miss the most are: French Fries Potato Salad Mashed Potatos Potato Chips Hash Browns 🙂 Mostly its the lack of potato. I find it hard to replace this and have trouble forgetting it.… Read More

I’ve been using this site for a while, but I haven’t REALLY been using it well. I am starting to figure it out more thanks to Steph’s help. I’ve set up some common meals in the Recipes section so that typical meals (such as my breakfast protein shake) are ready to enter simply. This will… Read More

I know what this means now. Today for example. I’ve been averaging around 1800-2000 calories a day. Yeah, I know I need to eat more… But anyways, today, I ate my full 3000 calories. I only had about 1800 calories again in “food”, and the rest was “empty calories”… pop and coffee. Pretty messed up… Read More

Lunch salad with spinach, egg, Carrot, tomato and feta dressing. Good with lentil soup!… Read More

And so it begins! We’ve been refining the manifesto and getting comfortable with eating better and exercising. Now that we’ve got that started, it’s time to start the rest of the game!! Tomorrow mornings weigh in is the pistol shot starting our race!… Read More

I’ve not been 100% consistent with my food entries. That stops tonight. But from what I have entered, I’m noticing that I’m eating too much protein, especially at dinner. I’ve shrunk most of my portion sizes down some, and I think I need to continue this. I typically go over every day in protein, but… Read More

There’s no doubt we’ve drastically changed our eating habits. We’ve also changed our shopping habits. The “old us” would stop in at Specialty’s every morning for a giant mocha, some sort of bready thing and probably a quiche. At lunch, we’d go out and have something at one of the local lunch places. Buying four… Read More

I’ve been using a fitbit for a couple weeks now and I’ve really begun liking it. The device is pretty small. It comes with a clip and a wristband (for use when sleeping). The device squeezes into the clip and is surrounded on all sides but the top. The first day I used it, I just tossed… Read More

One of my decisions towards the beginning of this cycle of our lives was that I would replace my then breakfast of a cookie, ciabatta roll, and a coke with a protein shake. I do not regret this decision at all! The first protein drinks I had were Muscle Milk. Taste wise, these are pretty… Read More

Today was pretty great. We walked tonight and it was easier than it’s been. I did all of the knee lifts and really focused on my movements. I am noticing a difference in energy, and I had no idea it was possible to not feel like a slug all the time. We are setting a… Read More

This is a 20oz drip coffee. My usual was a medium or large iced mocha which had tons of sugar and fat! Now I am drinking drip brew with some non-dairy creamer which is a lot fewer calories. Non-dairy creamer offers no nutrition and is something I would like to kick also. Baby steps!!… Read More

Here I am! Ready to do this! Testing the WordPress app so I can mobile blog!… Read More

Trying to get into patterns currently. I’ve dramatically changed what I’m bringing into my body. A lot more whole grains and vegetables and a lot less fried and bad stuff. I’m currently doing a whey protein shake for breakfast and I’m going to change that to something wheat free. Maybe I’ll write a review of… Read More

WEIGHT LOSS MANIFESTO GIVENS – DAILY Enter foods eaten as they are eaten Enter workout info as it’s done. GIVENS – WEEKLY 4 walks minimum 1 Meal out – Mongolian 4 bring lunch from home days minimum 1 Weigh In 2 Challenges (Rotating) Shit Happens GIVENS – MONTHLY Reassess Weekly Givens Reassess Weekly Challenges Reassess… Read More