Flying large can be challenging, but if you take the right steps ahead of time, you can fly worry free!

The best way to fly comfortably is to get an additional seat. For us, that means 3 seats instead of 2. One benefit of doing this is that some U.S. airlines will refund the price of that 3rd seat if the plane is not full. See your airline for details.

If purchasing an additional seat is out of your budget, then the next best thing is to make sure that the armrest between seats raises. If there are two of you, then you each gain a bit of space. If the seat next to you is open, even better! Unfortunately, if you are sitting next to a stranger, this probably isn’t an option. One thing to remember: The seats in the front row of a section on the plane probably have stationary arm rests. Since there are no seats in front of you to provide a tv, the tv is on the wall. The arm rests don’t move because they store the “tv trays” that allow you to eat on the plane. Always verify your seat locations ahead of time when possible.

We recently flew on EVA Air and had this happened to us. I could barely fit into the seat and it was so tight it hurt. Sitting there for 5 hours would have been impossible. The flight attendants were very discrete and found a couple that was willing to change seats with us. Kudos to them for their sense of privacy and helpfulness. Also thank you to that wonderful couple!

Another helpful tip is to ask for a seat belt extension as you enter the plane. You could also purchase your own, but be careful because there are a couple different styles. They vary depending on airline.

Take a couple snacks, especially for longer flights. The food service on the planes are generally limited and rather bland. This can vary based on carrier. EVA Air had the best food that I’ve ever had on a plane. Some of it was a bit strange, mostly the mayo filled salads. The rest of the meals were pretty darn good. The bit of protein in with the salads was also tasty. Good snack examples would be granola or protein bars, bananas, and snack mix. Costco’s trail mix is easy to transport (in the small packages) and is a good mix of salty and sweet. Take an empty water bottle with you also. You can fill it up in the airport and it will help you stay hydrated, which is very important, especially on longer flights.

Using the bathroom on a plane. I like to get up and move around every once in a while and I don’t mind using the bathroom on a plane. As a guy, it’s pretty simple to urinate on the plane. I get to stretch my legs, relieve myself, and wash my hands and face. Good stuff. I don’t think I’d want to sit down in the restroom for any business. If so, I’d definitely want to have some toilet safe wet wipes available.

You can use one or more of these tips in combination to help minimize the stress of flying and keep yourself comfortable and content. Go somewhere, then come back here and let us know how it went down in the comments.