I’ve been using this site for a while, but I haven’t REALLY been using it well. I am starting to figure it out more thanks to Steph’s help. I’ve set up some common meals in the Recipes section so that typical meals (such as my breakfast protein shake) are ready to enter simply. This will… Read More

I know what this means now. Today for example. I’ve been averaging around 1800-2000 calories a day. Yeah, I know I need to eat more… But anyways, today, I ate my full 3000 calories. I only had about 1800 calories again in “food”, and the rest was “empty calories”… pop and coffee. Pretty messed up… Read More

I’ve been using a fitbit for a couple weeks now and I’ve really begun liking it. The device is pretty small. It comes with a clip and a wristband (for use when sleeping). The device squeezes into the clip and is surrounded on all sides but the top. The first day I used it, I just tossed… Read More