One of my decisions towards the beginning of this cycle of our lives was that I would replace my then breakfast of a cookie, ciabatta roll, and a coke with a protein shake. I do not regret this decision at all! The first protein drinks I had were Muscle Milk. Taste wise, these are pretty… Read More

Had a team dinner at the Spaghetti Factory last night. We didn’t prepare ahead with lunch (the only day this week) so I was a bit nervous about dinner out also. And pasta! But it ended up being ok. We were there early and in the bar so I had to have a drink. Fireball… Read More

Today was pretty great. We walked tonight and it was easier than it’s been. I did all of the knee lifts and really focused on my movements. I am noticing a difference in energy, and I had no idea it was possible to not feel like a slug all the time. We are setting a… Read More

This is a 20oz drip coffee. My usual was a medium or large iced mocha which had tons of sugar and fat! Now I am drinking drip brew with some non-dairy creamer which is a lot fewer calories. Non-dairy creamer offers no nutrition and is something I would like to kick also. Baby steps!!… Read More

Here I am! Ready to do this! Testing the WordPress app so I can mobile blog!… Read More

Trying to get into patterns currently. I’ve dramatically changed what I’m bringing into my body. A lot more whole grains and vegetables and a lot less fried and bad stuff. I’m currently doing a whey protein shake for breakfast and I’m going to change that to something wheat free. Maybe I’ll write a review of… Read More

WEIGHT LOSS MANIFESTO GIVENS – DAILY Enter foods eaten as they are eaten Enter workout info as it’s done. GIVENS – WEEKLY 4 walks minimum 1 Meal out – Mongolian 4 bring lunch from home days minimum 1 Weigh In 2 Challenges (Rotating) Shit Happens GIVENS – MONTHLY Reassess Weekly Givens Reassess Weekly Challenges Reassess… Read More