Since we’ve started working out and eating Paleo, we’ve made some changes to our lives. Some of these changes were habits. Instead of reaching for potato chips or grabbing a quick “meal” at Taco Bell, we started eating more fruit and vegetable snacks. Instead of drinking 2 or more sodas a day, we got water bottles and started training ourselves to drink water as much as possible. Changing the habit to work out instead of laying around can be done a lot of different ways. You can start walking around your neighborhood, you can buy a treadmill, you can join a gym or ymca or hire a trainer. We chose a local personal trainer who has their own private workout room. We talked frankly for her about what we wanted. The knowledge and training to be able to work out on our own in our own time. She loved that and proceeded to train us. We in turn started emulating her setup at home in our new gym room in order to be able to do similar workouts whenever we wanted. Some of the requirements we’ve set for ourselves are:
    1. Keep things in the one room
    2. Don’t spend a LOT of money!
    3. Keep things organized and tidy
    4. Be safe!

    We’ve made ourselves a pretty nice workout area and we’d like to share some of the things in there as well as other things (purchasable, online, anywhere) that have helped us on our journey. We hope you can find some things that you like and can use.

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    Hydro Flask 32oz Water Bottle

    These are my favorite water bottles! With the straw lid, drinking your daily water was never easier!

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